Lebanon … the land of Terrorists!

18 Jul

Dear Xxxx,
A very moving email indeed. But we have all come to settle with (the) scheme of things – as Godgiven! Haven’t we.
George Bush is a firm believer in God. He is a pious man. How can he be wrong?
When George Bush sympathises with the agony and the suffering of the Israelis who are we to challenge the order? I wanted to ask the same question from the British Ambassador the other day. I want to ask this from the American Ambassador and ****** EU ambassadors!
But then I will only ask once and will never be! What a shame that we don’t have the cuorage!
I hope Bush will be taken away from us the way Sharon was, Shihab
Xxxx wrote:
Dear friends….i was in lebanon in 1982 when israeli jets started their non stop assault on lebanon. I was among those evacuated through sea, captured by israelis and taken to haifa before allowing us to leave to cyprus. the terror we experienced, the trauma that we lived is once again so real today. I am amazed at the injustice of the word "terrorism" as labelled by the super powers. Heres the latest update of the situation in lebanon as related by a friend stuck there.
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