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The Joy of being a Teacher

Just now as I was on my way to the bank, a young man smiled and said “assalaamu alaikum” and shook hands with me. I looked at him for a while and told him, “adhi kon beyfulhehkan neyguney!”.

He told me who he was. That he was a “tiny fellow” in school when I was the head teacher at Lhaviyani Atoll Education Centre. When he told me his name and family, I remembered. He had changed so much! It has been almost 20 years now!

Ibrahim said that he was now working in a resort, his second in 15 years. He had a child who was now in grade 3, and he was in Male’ to go to Hinnavaru for a visit to his family.

We stayed and talked for a while. It was a really pleasant experience. One that I am used to, because I have been a teacher. Every time, it gives a feeling of contentment and makes me feel good for having being a teacher. And it is so fulfilling every time.

Young people who show you that they remember you as their teacher, and look up to you for what you have been, is so rewarding that it brings such joy that can never be gotten from anything else. The joy of being a teacher! What an awesome feeling.

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Yesterday I made an appointment to consult with a physician at ADK Hospital. We got an appointment for Dr. Virendra in room #8, token #50.

In the morning I called the hospital general number and confirmed that the Dr. Virendra’s consultation starts at 3 o’clock. This information was available on the answering machine which gave easy to follow instructions. I had called the hospital number 3313553.

This afternoon, i sent an sms to 235 with the memo number and came to know when the doctor had started consultations. Since our token # was 50, I checked with the messaging system to see which token # was next. Finally, we came to the hospital, in time for the appointment.

We are right now waiting for our turn. I wanted to jot down this experience cos it is a good example of how information communication technology can be used to make life more pleasant, and enhance efficiency in our daily lives; as well as increase customer satisfaction in providing services.

I find that there can be more stories of gratitude when we can train the human element in service delivery to be as dependable and reliable in what they do. It is perhaps the challenge for human energy enhancement officers and managers.

What are you thoughts?

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Walking Along

This has been an awesome day. Not because it has been too good to be true. But because it has been so complicated. It is one of those days you’d rather never was; but feel good that it happened.

I had planned the day well in advance. In fact, last Thursday. I had planned it all. What to coordinate, what to follow up and with whom. Whom to call and what to say and what to ask. As well as who to meet, who to see and the agenda and the outcomes. All so well planned and ready to be executed. On top of all that, I made it a point to go over the schedule on Saturday and make the necessary adjustments and additional notes to make it perfect.

On top of it, I also ran through my schedule for the whole week with my closest working colleagues, on Saturday.

Now, come Sunday and everything started smoothly as planned. And then, one appointment had to rescheduled. Then, another very important engagement had to be cancelled. In addition, a very important but sudden school engagement had to be squeezed in.

It seemed that nothing was going to be right. Negative vibes set in. A friend came, just to talk about the unfairness and the unreasonableness that was a part of our everyday. It became so complicated. The negative energy that was building up manifested itself through my attitude, words and the things that I did.

But at the end of the day, I learnt so much through the challenges of the day. It will help me become a better person tomorrow. Thank God. Hamdhuli-Allah.

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“It is not enough to stare up the steps. We must step up the stairs.” ~ unknown

Stare up the Stairs

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#DQT: Dedicated Quality Time

After reading one of my #DQT tweets, a friend asked me – what is DQT? She had not read my previous tweets. Since then, I have had this question asked from me on several occasions. So, I thought of writing this post.

Most people would agree that it is important for us to give quality time to our children and loved ones. There are perceived benefits to the child and others who receive such quality time. It is believed that such quality time empowers the recipients and results in better livelihoods.

However, oftentimes it is believed that quality time can only be afforded by people with adequate resources and means at their disposal, especially time and money. When the subject is discussed, I have many a times heard complaints that quality time is not possible due to extended working hours or having to live in cramped households and many other such reasons. This may be true, I agree. That however, is true for those who believe that quality time can only be given, when certain conditions beyond ones control are available.

I believe otherwise. I am a firm believer in that, our conditions are a function of our choices and decisions. That the destiny we have arrived at is a result of our mental paradigm. It is how we see our condition and thereof.

My argument then, is that dedicated quality time has only one essential element. That there has to be a planning and rehearsal phase, in which the person engages in  planning and preparing for a dedicated quality time (DQT) moment with a clear focus on what is to be achieved and how it will be achieved.

WHAT is to be achieved is happiness and joy to the recipient, in my opinion. A feeling of trust and self worth that will give a boost to the recipient, that results in a rejuvenated sense of life and well being. A sense of contentment and strength that is fulfilling and inspirational. This may differ from person to person, but the sum total would be a sense of well being.

HOW involves two things – what is going to be said (or not said) and what will be done (or not done). In a conversation or a face-to-face or a heart-to-heart engagement between two people or more; meaningful and mutually fulfilling communication is only possible when there is sufficient emotional space to comprehend how an idea or a message is communicated. What is said is also enhanced by what is done, and therefore it’s importance.

Once the what and the how are designed and practiced and reflected upon and modified for best results, it is time for action – to execute the plan to give quality time. I believe that best results are achieved when such quality time is dedicated exclusively to the person or persons who are the recipients of it.

Thus executed is what I like to call Dedicated Quality Time or #DQT. Such will not have to be long. It can be as short as three minutes and can have far reaching positive outcomes. I recommend that we plan a DQT moment with a loved one once a day to strengthen our emotional well being and social competencies. The results are sure to be awesome.


I hope that sufficiently explains what I have in mind when I use the hashtag #DQT – Dedicated Quality Time.

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A Complaint

Make a complaint. That is what a lot of people wish to do. Yet, many people do not want to do it. Why? There must be a good reason for that.


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46th Birthday

On my 46th birthday I was celebrating the biggest ever present in my whole life time. It was an amazing experience. A wonderful feeling. I am grateful for all those who made it possible.

What I have learnt during the last 30 years is that when you attract positive energy, there is a natural tendency to attract an opposing and equal amount of negative energy as well. You may ask why 30 years. That is the number of years I have spent as “an adult” after leaving school, to get to this day.

Those 30 years comprised of one year as a headmaster trainee, two years and a half years for further education, sixteen years in the education sector as a headmaster, assistant principal, primary schools supervisor, and in administration of atoll schools, and almost eleven years in Damas Company Private Limited.

I have learnt that what I have been taught as a child and student, were not appropriate for the real world. That it is unreasonableness and the ability to manipulate for your selfish needs that pays to get ahead in life. Virtues like respect, dignity and empathy are not what is needed for life, but the exact opposite.

It is with this experience and the subsequent understanding thereof, that I seriously think that we need to revisit our curriculum, and rethink how we teach our children in the formative stages of their life to prepare them for the world they have to survive in.

I suppose you are entitled to your own opinion.

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I love my daddy ~ Almas

From my daughter Almas

“From the bottom of my heart, I know you have been a special person, covering up all my mistakes and covering me from everything. I am going to shield you for the rest of your life! ~Happy B’day Daddy~

Thanks for all the love and care you have given me! Luv you so much!

Wish you a happy B day! Enjoy your B day well!

~Smile and Let Smile~

~Luv Kokko~”


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Terribly Good Day

It has been a terribly good day today.

First thing in the morning, I did hurt the feelings of a young person. It was after uttering what I did in a moment of frustration that I realized what I had done was wrong. I should have been Smiling and supportive and not threatening and abusive. What had happened could not be undone, so I walked quietly and softly said sorry. And Smile, but the moment was too tense for a Smile back.

It was one of the most disturbing moments.

The rest of the morning was full of good things. There were the Smiles and the rest of the things that go with it. Engaging in positive human relationships that were supportive and encouraging. Conversations that were fruitful and educational. Challenging moments that tested and tried your patience. The adventure of life continued without disruption. In the midst of it all, I was told what to do and what not to do.

The moment to test the gravity of the bitterness I imagined I had caused, came early in the afternoon. I made the call. The conversation was beautiful and full of warmth. There was the space to do justice and right the wrong without a spoken word. That is the beauty of a positive human relationship that is wrapped with a lifelong Smile.

The rest of the day was equally beautiful and continued to be so. For the art of forgiveness is a talent akin to positive human relationships.

It was a terribly good day.

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Give yourself a human energy boost

This Morning:

Think of someone who has been nice to you, especially someone who has been nice to you for no reason in particular. It can be someone in your family or circle of friends or acquaintances.

Make room from your schedule today to visit this person, and to be with them for a moment. You may want to say a few words of appreciation, or just be with them for a while and talk about something that would give them comfort.

If you cannot find the time to do that, give them a call or leave them a message. You may want to find out how they are doing, or what they are up to; or just tell them about what you have been up to.

You may not even be able to find space today to do either of the above. In that case, why not put in a good word about them in your conversation with someone you have the time to be with today. You may want to speak about the good in the person that came to your mind. Positive thoughts also create positive energy and that can give a boost to your own self esteem and sense of well-being too.

It is the enhancement of the positive human energy within us that will help us to become a better person. There is no cost to it, only just the capacity to energize ourselves with the good of humanity. It is a qulity that is fulfiling and provides us the emotional space for peace of mind and a sense of well-being.

I am sure that we will all benefit, and will contribute to the greater good of humanity by giving a positive energy boost to our immediate environement, which has a multiply effect.

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