Woken Up

17 Dec

I had taken a flight to visit my son, who was living in a foreign land. On arrival I rushed to where he was living. I had lived there before, and I had the keys to the apartment that I would live in from now.

The grass was lush green. There were people all around. I knew none of them. I walked across the lawn to the apartment. There was no way to get in. I could not find the entrance. There was no way in. So I walked around and around, not finding a way in. Then decided that it was the wrong way. So I walked back across the lawn and ran to the apartments that were now bustling with people.

It was night. The place was like a city of lights. Colors of Benetton lighting up the night sky. It was breathtakingly beautiful. But I had no time to wait. I walked briskly across and took the stairs.

As I walked and took the first step, I was angrily pushed back. I looked up to see that I was crossing a big man who was just starting his prayer. I apologized and looked into his eyes. He was a friend of my son. He recognized me and said, “Uncle! You shouldn’t have done that.” I said that I did not realize what I was doing as I had this habit of looking down as I walked. He acknowledge my apology and I walked past several friends of my son.

I walked up the last staircase, ended up in an attic. There was a worker there and I asked him the way around. He told me to cross over to the attic on the side. I did. But there was no way out. I was imprisoned in a dark hole. I struggled to find light. To breathe. It seemed that this was the end.

But it was not. I found the way back to the first attic. I clambered down the stairs with frenzy. As I came out of the building, I started asking the way around. Suddenly I came across a familiar face. I smiled at him and he smiled at me. We shook hands. I tried to remember his name, but couldn’t. So he helped me “Ali”.

Ali gave me a bunch of keys and gave me directions to my bungalow. He also asked one of his assistants to show me the way. He was slow. I had no time to waste. It was already getting too late. Time was running out. So I left him behind and ran as fast as I could.

I came to where I had started. I could see my bungalow as I started to dash across the lawn. It was dilapidated. The front door was giving out a rattle as I rushed to it. That’s when I saw the dog which flashed from behind the rattling door and jumped at me. It caught my hands and bit me hard. I fell down on the grass.

When I came around, I saw the dog lying beside. I had a cut on my wrist. The dog bit me and had tweeted about it saying that it bit me and blogged about it. I woke up and found myself lying neatly on the sofa. There were no bruises but it was dark as I had turned the lights out.

I heard my savior say, “… please try to sleep” 🙂

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