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Illusion of Hope for Peace

The Coffee
With a touch of warmth
Understanding and care
In the mornings

With a touch of beauty
Supportive and dependable
In matters of the mind

Valuable time
With a touch of friendship
Mutual and promising
In a way so beautiful

Falling Apart
A miscommunication
Misinterpreted and wrong
In a hurtful way

This feeling
Void of communication
Is such an emptiness
Of crazy madness

A loneliness
Wanting to end the imagination
With a heart2heart chat
Of a communication misinterpreted

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Miss you already

Hey, heeiiiiiii
Just arrived here
Longing to be there
Miss you already

The lemon the grass
The coffee the vase
Longing to be there
Miss you already

My moon
Beyond the yonder
A heartbeat away
Miss you already

The rejection
Of a simple truth
Hidden by transparency
Of the obvious

A weekend flight
A noble coincidence
A friend who misses a plan
Shopping alone with the rest

A birthday reminder
Missed by a slip of mind
A matter of gross negligence
I miss you all ready

A simple text
That can move a mountain
The impossible made possible
By a slight gesture

Miss you already

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Dancing through the Fire

Fire, fire, fire
Dancing through it
Feeling the red, hot amber
Talking to my heart, my soul

It is so wonderful
Feeding the wrath of anger
Knowing the way forward
Into the beautiful future

Destiny is mine
It is my destiny, my dream
Dancing, cleansing, and moving
My body, my soul, is mine

There is a beauty
In pain, in agony, in fire
Cleansing the soul, and mind
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

Feel the fire, feel the hurt
Nothing can stop me now
Dancing, cleansing, aching
Hope, hope; Wow, wow, wow

It’s a beautiful feeling
Dancing through the fire
A beautiful future
A beginning of Abundance

Hope, hope; Wow, wow, wow

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Warmth of Hope

The beauty of a Smile
Laden with warmth
Of a kind heart
A beautiful mind

The warmth of the heart
Laden with goodwill
Of abundant generosity
A positive mental attitude

The gift of hope
Laden with tranquillity
Of a mind at peace
A word of kindness

A dream of serenity
Laden with generosity
Of an awesome past
A touch of sincerity

The future is beautiful
Awesome in essence
Built on trust and grace
That shall last into eternity

Let Smile
It’s awesome
In complete peace

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When near is scary

The mind is empty
Thoughts are dry
Fear is neigh
Near is distant

Lost in mind
Trapped in kind
The rest is the worst
Joy is scary

Crooked minds
Of reactions that grind
The power of trust
Happiness is misery

Why do you mind
Thoughts that find
The pain of the heart
When right is wrong

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The Looming Fear

It is scary
Very scary and frightening
A dark hole that is approaching
From all around; near and far

Right and left
It’s full of darkness
The kind that is suffocating
That make nothing possible

Sunshine is history
The storm is brewing
Beneath the skies
Making the world go bonkers

There is nowhere
It is everywhere
There is the smell of hate
The end of all things beautiful

Inside and beneath
The hall of fame
There is a dark cloud
That has taken over

The good of life
The beauty of love
The sweetness of caring
The reason to Smile

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Just Say Something

So much to say
Yet no words to say them
With so much feelings
There is little to express

It is a nightmare
The worst for the humankind
And so painful to bear
In moments of abundant solitude

The best is to keep shut
It is the only thing known
To keep the soul in peace
But bleeding through the heart

Peaceful on the outside
Burning in the inside
Peeling from within
Those are the dark moments

It the fear of opening up
To share the true feelings
Expressed with truthfulness
To an ear wrapped with warmth

That keeps the soul
In the a dark hole of hope
Waiting and wishing
To be born to sunlight

The time is now
It will pass in a moment
Time will fly by
And it will never come back

Grab the moment now
Lose the fear and the fear
Speak your mind openly
And there shall be peace

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Life Beyond

Sitting on the beach
Gazing at the stars and skies
Wondering beyond
There is a truth in the beauty

The silver grey and blue
Moving and mingling through
The horizon beyond
The beauty of nothingness

The breeze that is gentle
Yet so overwhelmingly smooth
The simplicity beyond
Inching toward the beauty of the mind

The dawn is near
And the sunset to a new dawn
Is the eternity beyond
The beauty of the inception

Closing the eyes
Enhances the power of the mind
Beyond the lies of the dark
The beauty of the unseen

Beauty of life beyond

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Unknown Truth

I wait and await
The beauty of the moment
Knowing and expecting
The ultimate truth

There is no going back
The last but not the least
It is the truth of the moment
That we await in anticipation

It will be full of joy
And happiness of a new kind
Where there will be no sorrow
When dawn breaks to a new day

The wait is worth the hurt
It shall shine over and beyond
But the desperation is dear
For the truth is unknown

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Expect Nothing

Expect Nothing
Ask for nothing
Hope for nothing
Live the life you have

Keep the Smile
When there is one
Leave the rest
For the good of fate

Destiny is a mystery
With all good intentions
Nature will do the rest
When you leave it to fate

The best feed of the soul
Is the hurt of the expected
When there is a rejection
In the natural course of the day

Learn your lesson
Keep the hurt
Feel the pain
Rest your case

Smile for the rest
Expect Nothing
Be the shore
That receives the waves

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