Just Say Something

16 Jan

So much to say
Yet no words to say them
With so much feelings
There is little to express

It is a nightmare
The worst for the humankind
And so painful to bear
In moments of abundant solitude

The best is to keep shut
It is the only thing known
To keep the soul in peace
But bleeding through the heart

Peaceful on the outside
Burning in the inside
Peeling from within
Those are the dark moments

It the fear of opening up
To share the true feelings
Expressed with truthfulness
To an ear wrapped with warmth

That keeps the soul
In the a dark hole of hope
Waiting and wishing
To be born to sunlight

The time is now
It will pass in a moment
Time will fly by
And it will never come back

Grab the moment now
Lose the fear and the fear
Speak your mind openly
And there shall be peace

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