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Just Say Something

So much to say
Yet no words to say them
With so much feelings
There is little to express

It is a nightmare
The worst for the humankind
And so painful to bear
In moments of abundant solitude

The best is to keep shut
It is the only thing known
To keep the soul in peace
But bleeding through the heart

Peaceful on the outside
Burning in the inside
Peeling from within
Those are the dark moments

It the fear of opening up
To share the true feelings
Expressed with truthfulness
To an ear wrapped with warmth

That keeps the soul
In the a dark hole of hope
Waiting and wishing
To be born to sunlight

The time is now
It will pass in a moment
Time will fly by
And it will never come back

Grab the moment now
Lose the fear and the fear
Speak your mind openly
And there shall be peace

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Life Beyond

Sitting on the beach
Gazing at the stars and skies
Wondering beyond
There is a truth in the beauty

The silver grey and blue
Moving and mingling through
The horizon beyond
The beauty of nothingness

The breeze that is gentle
Yet so overwhelmingly smooth
The simplicity beyond
Inching toward the beauty of the mind

The dawn is near
And the sunset to a new dawn
Is the eternity beyond
The beauty of the inception

Closing the eyes
Enhances the power of the mind
Beyond the lies of the dark
The beauty of the unseen

Beauty of life beyond

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Unknown Truth

I wait and await
The beauty of the moment
Knowing and expecting
The ultimate truth

There is no going back
The last but not the least
It is the truth of the moment
That we await in anticipation

It will be full of joy
And happiness of a new kind
Where there will be no sorrow
When dawn breaks to a new day

The wait is worth the hurt
It shall shine over and beyond
But the desperation is dear
For the truth is unknown

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Expect Nothing

Expect Nothing
Ask for nothing
Hope for nothing
Live the life you have

Keep the Smile
When there is one
Leave the rest
For the good of fate

Destiny is a mystery
With all good intentions
Nature will do the rest
When you leave it to fate

The best feed of the soul
Is the hurt of the expected
When there is a rejection
In the natural course of the day

Learn your lesson
Keep the hurt
Feel the pain
Rest your case

Smile for the rest
Expect Nothing
Be the shore
That receives the waves

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Fear of Happiness in Abundance

This feeling of happiness
That is so awesome
So abundant and plentiful
Yet so full of fear

For happiness is a sin
That has no cure
In the eyes of the seer
Who is unawares of the truth

The truth is hidden
Behind the scar of a Smile
That is detached from reality
And vanishing into eternity

Overwhelmed by the truth
Fearful of the deceipt
Afraid of the dark truth
Behind the warmth of the Smile

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The Unthinkable

Out there
There is abundance
Abundance in the possibilities
Possibilities that are never ending

We are trapped
Trapped in the shackles
Shackles that bind us through
Through our blind loyalties of now

It is the unthinkable
The unthinkable that will
That will set us free from fear
Fear that binds us to impossibilities

We can what we dream
We have what we gave and believe
It is the overcoming of the fear
Of the unthinkable that will set us free

Embrace the unthinkable
Everyone else can be free
But I fear the unthinkable
That will set me free

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Drama of hope

I wish I could
I wish I were
I wish I had
I wish I never

Wishes for a future
That would be bright
Full of happiness and joy
Void of fear and rejection

The pain beneath
The hurt of heart
With a crippling numbness
Designed to stabilize

The mind is the magic
The wind the potion
That carries the burden
To the heavens beyond

I wish I were
I wish I had
I wish I could
I wish I never

The design is beautiful
The art is crumpled
Reality is a drama
Of an ounce of hope

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I had a dream
A beautiful dream
Made in Heaven
Wrapped with a Smile

Warm and colorful
Radiating with joy
Passionate and irresistible
Topped with sincerity

I failed to notice
The hallucination
The fabricated truth
Of a desirous mind

Woken up
From a deep sleep
I Smile and cherish
The beauty of a Lie

A mind at peace
With the harsh reality
That life is never to be
A fortune of trust

It is the beauty
Of the sacred dream
I shall cherish
Of the fabricated truth

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The Forbidden Truth

There is a beauty
In waiting and wanting
And never giving up
That heals the soul

The heat of the moment
The wrath of the mind
In expecting the unthinkable
The forbidden truth

The rest is history
Of the art on the wall
For want of the undesirable
The beauty of the mind

There is no turning back
For the pleasures of many
Waiting for a ray of light
In the darkest moment of truth

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When Nothing Else Matters

Early in the morning
Woken up by a cockroach
Face baked from the tap water
Brought down to knees
A pain in a distant corner
Of the boiling tummy

Nothing else matters
A decent life is all that matters

There can be no happiness
Without decency and dignity
There can be no joy
With a heavy heart

Nothing else matters
The warmth is all that matters

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