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Four people arrested for sexual abuse of 13 year old girl in Dhidhdhoo

Four people who have been sexually molesting with a 13 year old girl in Dhidhdhoo of Haa Alif Atoll has been arrested and are investigation by the Police, local medai has revealed. The arrests were made after reports were made by individuals from the public. Police have declined to give any further details as the matter is under investigation.

Sun has reported that according to sources from the island of Dhidhdhoo, the arrests were made last night, while they were having sex with the girl.

An 86 year old man accused of sexually abusing a 3 year old girl was arrested on 26th March this year, and the report was being investigated according to the Police, Sun has also revealed.

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MP Adil investigated for sexual abuse of 13 year old and case submitted to PG by the Police

Local Media has revealed that the investigation into the allegations of sexual molestation of minor by MP Hassan Adil has been completed and sent to the Prosecutor General, according to the Maldives Police Services. The investigation has been completed and submitted to the PG fast-track within a week of the arrest of the MP under a court order.

The case was being investigated by the Police even prior to the arrest, according to the spokesman of the Maldives Police Service. MP Adil, is still in Police custody, as he has been arrested under a court order for 15 days. Haveeru reports that the girl is 13 years old according to sources. Local media also report that the case has been submitted to relevant authorities.

We have learnt that an official of the government responsible for the protection of children’s rights, did point out casually to a friend, that this case may also go in the same way as the previous cases, which means that the MP is unlikely to be convicted. The fact that a senior government official responsible for the protection of children thinks in this way is alarming.

The fact remains that Maldives remains a haven for peadophiles through the dictatorship as well as in the newly introduced Westminster Democracy of Aneh Dhivehiraajje.

In other news today, four people are under investigation for the sexual abuse of a 13 year old in Dhidhdhoo in Haa Alif atoll. They were arrested after being caught in the act, according to sources from the island, reports the media.

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Hell for Children to be the Heaven for the Royal Couple for Honeymoon

Browzing through I read this article about the formal invitation extended to the new Royal Couple to be – Prince William and his future wife Kate Middleton.

I just wondered, whether the Royal couple will have knowledge that if they accept this invitation, they will be spending their honeymoon with a backdrop of thousands of helpless infants and young children and “adult” children (as Maldivian culture deems it), who have not even an ounce of justice in their lifetime. That there is no hope for these children; who have been physically, psychologically, sexually abused and neglected by the majority – including the State.

The Royal Couple will be supporting and promoting a country with the likes of Zimbabwe, in terms of the atrocities that go unchecked on the streets of the capital and the rest of the islands. The State gets away with a simple set of excuses which include (i) no qualified personnel (ii) no money (iii) no Laws (iv) and the Powers are now autonomous.

We wish the Royal Couple will put the Lost Children of Maldives in a slot in their agenda so that at least one of the excuses given to make this country Hell for it’s Children is addressed by Royal Couple. Well aware that the Paradise Haven for the princesses is in fact garnished with a backrop of Hell for Children.

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Milandhoo 40 year old man arrested for attempting to rape a 13 year old girl

Haveeru has reported that a 40 year old man has been arrested in Shaviyani Milandhoo for the alleged child rape of a 13 year old girl. It also said that the Police too have confirmed the arrest of a man for the alleged sexual abuse of a minor, in Milandhoo. He is said to be under Police custody at Milandhoo Police station.

Haveeru also reveal that the man attempted to rape the child while the people of the house were all out of the house, leaving her behind at home. They had reported the man to the Police when they found the man at it, when they returned home. The Police have not yet revealed the name of the accused, according to Haveeru.

The girl has suffered sexual harm as per the health centre staff who investigated her, according to the newspaper. She is a child residing with a host family in Milandhoo, for her education.

The Maldives society and its leaders seem to have become deaf to the suffering of victims of sexual abuse of children. Most men go free after an initial media frenzy, without even seeing the insides of the Criminal Court. The men then roam around freely and the people soon forget these people. The child is labelled and lives with the stigma of sexual abuse. She often becomes a target of further attempts by psycho men with a sexual orientation for sexual abuse of children.

Maldives government, the judiciary and the agencies responsible for protection are under the stewardship of powerful men. A lot of men in Maldives openly state that children over the age of 16 years are ok for sex partners. Some even go to the extent of lowering that age to 10 or 12 years.

An MP recently proposed a bill to the parliament to bring the legal age for children to 16 years from 18 years. This will allow men to get away more easily with sexual molestation and rape with girls over 16 years through various legal loopholes.

Maldives prides itself to be a nation of 100 per cent Muslims, though Islamic values no longer exist in mainstream society, including the protection accorded to children under Islam.

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Man arrested in Nilandhoo for sexual abuse of seven year old

Sun has reported that a man has been arrested in Faafu Atoll Nilandhoo for the attempted rape of a minor. The Sun reported that the man was arrested Saturday night around 9.30 pm for allegedly having sexually abused the seven year old girl.

Sun reported that a police official has revealed that the man has been sexually molesting with the child over a long period of time. He is said to be a person who frequently visits the child’s home.

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Bangladeshi arrested for alleged rape attempt of 13 year-old girl

Minivan News has reported in its News in Brief on March 27, 2011:

Police have arrested a Bangladeshi man who allegedly attempted to rape a 13 year-old girl in Eydhafushi, Baa Atoll. Police Lance Corporal Abdul Majeed Moosa told Minivan News that police were called about the incident this morning at 2:30am. ”He was been arrested early this morning,” Moosa said. ”We can’t give more information as the investigation has not been concluded yet.”

The Bangladeshi man was 22 years-old, he added.

Local newspaper Haveeru reported that the Bangladeshi man entered the girl’s room at midnight while she was asleep and attempted to rape her. According to Haveeru she bit his finger and he left. The man was naked when he entered the girl’s house, Haveeru reported according to sources.

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MP under investigation for alleged child sexual abuse

Haveeru has reported that the Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) has revealed, a Member of Parliament of the Maldives is under investigation for alleged sexual abuse of a minor. According to the official of HRCM, the case is being investigated by the Police.

The HRCM official who disclosed the information on condition of anonymity has not revealed the name of the MP, while the Police are keeping their mouth shut on the matter. Haveeru has revealed that the case has been taken up with the authorities very seriously and report that the psycho-legal statement of the child also has been taken.

CAWM understands that the said victim may not be a minor and is working in an office in Male’. Unconfirmed yet reliable sources have said that she may have been a step daughter of the accused MP. We would like to draw caution from readers to the fact that almost all reported cases of sexual child abuse are not proven and therefore such a high profile case is extremely likely to be shelved, if political heavyweights come into play.

Our only ray of hope is the expressed position of President Mohamed Nasheed who has vowed on more than one occasion to do whatever it takes to confront perpetrators of sexual child abuse.

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Step Father Step Daughter Sexual Abuse

Sun has reported that a 42 year old step father has been arrested for alleged sexual abuse of step daughter, on the island of Kudafaree in Noonu Atoll. The arrest happened on Thursday night – March 24, 2011.

Sun also reported that the mother of the nine year old is a blind woman. The Sun also reported that the step father was found and caught red handed by a group of people from the island who had followed on him. The couple and the family have been living in the girl’s grandfathers house earlier, and had just moved to a new house they had build, two days ago.

Islanders have told Sun that the step father has been sexually abusing the girl, even before they moved to the new house. But he was caught in the act only after moving to the new house.

The man was handed over to the Police, by the group of people who had caught him. According to an islander, he was beaten up by the islanders before being handed over to the Police.

A step father was arrested in Dharavandhoo of Baa Atoll about a month ago for having continuously sexually abused his step daughter. The Police did not reveal any further information except that he was a 38 year old, at the time, citing that the investigation was ongoing.

There is also information from reliable and informed sources to CAWM that a high profile public official is under investigation for allegedly having sexually molested or abused his step daughter. Further details of the case are still not available.

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Unconfirmed talk that a seventeen year old girl raped in Villingili

There are unconfirmed reports that a girl may have been raped in Villingili, the satellite island which is 8 minutes by ferry from the capital, Male’. The girl is believed to be seventeen years old and street talk has it that she was under the care of a child care facility before the incident. It is not yet clear whether she was living there or has been handed over to family members.

The local media has not reported the incident and child care officials nor the Maldives Police Service have reported the rape.

It is quite common place in the Maldivian Society for parents and family to silence such matters and keep them under the carpet for the “honor” of the family. Child rape and sexual molestation is common place in Maldives and a lack of legal and institutional mechanisms, as well as a lack of capacity of law enforcement and child care agencies mean that the situation of children are pathetic.

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Manadhoo man sentenced to four years in prison after being found guilty of sexually abusing step daughter

Minivan News reported on 17th March 2011 in the “News in Brief” that:

“The Manadhoo court has sentenced a man to four years imprisonment after he was found guilty of sexually abusing his stepdaughter, reported Manadhoo Live. The paper identified the offender as Ibrahim Mohamed, of Kinbigasdhoshuge, Noonu Manadhoo. He is now under charge of Manadhoo Council to be handed over to the Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Services (DPRS).”

The People’s Majlis who is now also busy researching into the allegations of disrespectful media coverage of the institution by DhiFM has not taken up issue with the institutions and high officials of the Government and the State for failing to effectively deal with the threats and degeneration of the state of abused children in this country. We call upon the Members of Parliament to show their concern for the welfare and the protection of children through parliamentary mechanisms that hold the Government and State institutions accountable.

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