Maldives: girls becoming more of objects in the eyes of men

09 Jan

This morning I went from office to Hulhule ferry jetty in Male’ to take two of my nieces to the airport. They were to come from Villimale’ and take a taxi to the airport ferry jetty in front of the Post Building. They were to take the ferry leaving Villimale’ at twenty minutes to nine. They would arrive in Male’ terminal ten minutes to nine and take a taxi to the airport ferry jetty.

I checked with them a little after 8.40 and I was told that they were on the ferry. Later, when they did not arrive at the airport ferry jetty even at ten past nine, I called them and they told me they were by the Republic Square. It took a while even after that for them to arrive at the airport ferry jetty.

After they got down from the taxi and the taxi had left, the younger of the two told me that the driver of the taxi had asked them who they were and what they were doing in Male’, where they were from and so on. He also told them that if they were to come to Male’, to give a call and that he would take them. He also gave them his mobile number. The elder of them told me that the driver had taken them on a long route, and she had finally told that her uncle is waiting at the airport ferry for them.

Girls and young women are increasing becoming objects of abuse in the country. There is an unimaginable sense of vulnerability of the girl child and young women in the country. There is a complete lack of institutional mechanisms to protect children from such abuse and prevent violence against them. The prevailing attitude toward girls and women is that they are objects for use and abuse. The State makes bold statements, yet fails to take proactive and affirmative action for the protection of children and the prevention of violence and sexual abuse against girls.

The situation is so bad that daughters are becoming more and more prey to their own step-fathers and fathers. Mothers have been party to the abuse in several instances that have been reported.

I was told today that a young woman who is married to a man fifteen years her senior almost suffocated her to death a few days ago. She is afraid to go to the authorities and will not report the incident or file for divorce beause she doesn’t want her baby to grown up in a broken family.

WTF is the use of a 4,000.00 USD per capita GDP and the good of boasting of a fiver star destination, when the damn nation cannot take care of its future.

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