The Joy of being a Teacher

01 Sep

Just now as I was on my way to the bank, a young man smiled and said “assalaamu alaikum” and shook hands with me. I looked at him for a while and told him, “adhi kon beyfulhehkan neyguney!”.

He told me who he was. That he was a “tiny fellow” in school when I was the head teacher at Lhaviyani Atoll Education Centre. When he told me his name and family, I remembered. He had changed so much! It has been almost 20 years now!

Ibrahim said that he was now working in a resort, his second in 15 years. He had a child who was now in grade 3, and he was in Male’ to go to Hinnavaru for a visit to his family.

We stayed and talked for a while. It was a really pleasant experience. One that I am used to, because I have been a teacher. Every time, it gives a feeling of contentment and makes me feel good for having being a teacher. And it is so fulfilling every time.

Young people who show you that they remember you as their teacher, and look up to you for what you have been, is so rewarding that it brings such joy that can never be gotten from anything else. The joy of being a teacher! What an awesome feeling.

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One response to “The Joy of being a Teacher

  1. shaffa

    September 1, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    This joy would ofcourse be enjoyed by good teachers…congratulations beybe..on being an exceptionally good one 🙂

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