Challenges for today’s children

26 Jun

Today we live our lives with new found freedoms. It is what we achieved through vast sacrifices by individuals and groups later backed by well meaning sympathisers of human rights and democracy.

We have transformed from a society in the shackles of a mass collective mindset controlled by a dictator to one of beauty in the harmony of diversity which promote nirvana.

We wanted a decent life, free from oppression, absent of fear, and trickled with abundance and prosperity. That was our wish. We delegated our responsibility for this daunting task, to people who struggled for us and stoop up to oppression.

They embraced the new found responsibility a source of great opportunity and means to better themselves, their kins and their masters and soldiers. The people became an instrument of power and not the source of power. Power became a right of the servants of the ruled.

Confused? Yes, that is exactly what seems to have happened to the people. The people they entrusted their well being with seem to be good at two things – cutting deals to protect their interests; and fabricating lies that are sensational, to maximise their benefits.

Amidst all the drama and the confusion, children are watching it all. Sometimes the fanatics also actively engage children to maximise numbers and to indoctrinate children to be future active devotees of the cults.

Children grow up surrounded by role models whose success formula us arrogance, unreasonableness and complete disrespect for anyone except thyself. They see that the beauty of freedom and liberty is to have no bounds. Nirvana to them is complete pleasure and it has no values. The society they exist in have no social fabric.

AND. And, and… the bastards who claim they know everything, when it comes to children, they expect the children to be exactly like the saints of yesteryears – pure and respectful and dignified [whatever that means!] and peace loving.

Strong words, Yes! Wrong attitude, Yes! – that is what we need to equip children with, if they are to survive in this country as adults tomorrow.

Get Lost! [heybayyaa rakkaavey! – “thank you” in the new dictionary to initiated by Maldives parliament]

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