25 Jun

Yesterday I made an appointment to consult with a physician at ADK Hospital. We got an appointment for Dr. Virendra in room #8, token #50.

In the morning I called the hospital general number and confirmed that the Dr. Virendra’s consultation starts at 3 o’clock. This information was available on the answering machine which gave easy to follow instructions. I had called the hospital number 3313553.

This afternoon, i sent an sms to 235 with the memo number and came to know when the doctor had started consultations. Since our token # was 50, I checked with the messaging system to see which token # was next. Finally, we came to the hospital, in time for the appointment.

We are right now waiting for our turn. I wanted to jot down this experience cos it is a good example of how information communication technology can be used to make life more pleasant, and enhance efficiency in our daily lives; as well as increase customer satisfaction in providing services.

I find that there can be more stories of gratitude when we can train the human element in service delivery to be as dependable and reliable in what they do. It is perhaps the challenge for human energy enhancement officers and managers.

What are you thoughts?

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One response to “ADK EXPERIENCE

  1. Fayyaz

    June 26, 2012 at 9:36 am

    sharing positive experiences will certainly lift the spirits of the service provider too. We all should do this more.

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