Maldives: Celebrating the Children’s Day

10 May

Everyone seems to be so eager to celebrate the Children’s Day. The good intentions are well appreciated. Yet there are my concerns with the way it is done.

The government’s commitment to children is still not clear despite the 1992 Children’s Act. There aren’t sufficient legal and institutional mechanisms put in place for the protection and care of children. The reason being that the issues of children are not an action priority for the government and the people who pressure the government from positions of influence and power. Children are a forgotten species, it seems!

There is a lack of commitment and passion to the cause of children in the vibrant lobby community of Maldives, who can move things in a matter of twenty-four hours to please the supremos they almost relish with divinity.

Children’s Rights are a priority in meaningless reports and seminars, but not in action. The President and numerous government officials will grab this opportunity, for many things. They will forget the children who are the reason for them being on stage for this day and the center of attention, within twenty four hours.

Children should have the right to vote! That is the only way there can be a difference on how children are treated. PERIOD

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