Media Freedom and Personal Integrity and Majlis

20 Apr

Haveeru has reported that MPs have spoken for medium freedom and against attacks on the media from the parliament floor, where all the deliberations are broadcast live. MPs including parliamentary leader of MDP and parliamentary leader and the only member of Qawmee Party are said to have spoken against the media even in today’s Majlis. However, those who spoke for media freedom and against attacks on the media by parliamentarians wholesale include several member of the MDP and DRP.

Independent MP Mohamed Nasheed who has been most attacked by the media and fellow colleagues in parliament, over the “I need some cash drama” initiated by MNBC One, spoke for media freedom. He is reported to have said that it is through the use of media to disseminate the truth against any propaganda that will be the proper way of engaging with the media. A private cconversation between MP Nasheed and Jumhooree Party parliamentary leader Gasim was leaked, and broadcast by the government TV channel – MNBC One, while a mockery of the incident was staged at the national level by the MDP. The president of the party went to the Grand Jetty One in Male’ to receive the “donation box” from Kulhudhuffushi.

Parliamentary Group Leader of MDP who is arguing for upholding the honor of the Majlis by curbing media freedom and calling for the shutting down of certain media outlets is the most prominent member of parliament who utters abuse at people who he sees fit, in Majlis and outside at public podiums including party gatherings. He is usually applauded and rewarded highly by members of the party for his style of attacking others in such forums. It is ironical that he is so passionate about his personal integrity today, he who has no respect for the integrity of others.

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