Virtual Sex and its place in the Maldivian Society…

21 Mar

Local Media in Male’ reported today that the Cabinet Secretary is on official business in Singapore and his duties have been assigned to the Legal Secretary of the President’s Office, Hisan Hussain. The reports were attributed to the Press Secretary of the President’s Office, Mohamed Zuhair. This news comes after a spell of alleged indecent exposure on webcam by the Cabinet Secretary. The allegations are yet to be confirmed by any competent authority of the government or other State institution.

The Maldives Police Service who initially alleged that a group of nearly two dozen people were arrested for blackmailing senior officials of the State using webcam material which showed indecent exposure sexual acts performed on webcam, alleged to be of high officials, have gone silent on the case. The majority of those arrested still remain in police custody pending further investigation.No officials have been taken for questioning.

Virtual sex is not prohibited nor a crime under the Maldivian Constitution or Law, as far as I am aware. It is also widely held that the internet is full of material of this nature which show such exposure but show faces of others pasted on persons who are committing these sexual acts.

Maldivians, though a nation of Muslims by Law, are quite liberal.

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