What Next for DRP?

24 Mar

It was Mohamed Nasheed who first announced that he will be contesting the Kulhudhuffushi seat in the upcoming parliamentary elections because of differences with the DRP. Then the former Minister for Higher Education and many other things in the previous regime said he would not be contesting for the Gaafaru Kaashidhoo seat, as the party was not in a position to take action against a strong DRP member who announced he would contest as an independent.

Then, now the former Home Minister Abdulla Kamaaluddin says he will be running as an indepedent for an Upper North Provice seat. However, he has reported to the media that he is in good terms with the party and its leadership. He also was undecided when asked whether he may not join the party after getting elected, by saying that its too early to make a commitment to that end.

It would be interesting to see how DRP fares in the upcoming elections as a political party. The party chief spokesperson is reported to have said that where there is confusion, a letter will be issued to the official candidates by the Party Leader (Zaeem) of the party to give them legitimacy. In addition, he is also reported to have said the case of the stray party members will be taken up by the disciplinary committee of the party.

It is yet to be seen whether DRP will offer a substantial alternative to the ruling MDP philosophy or just try to capitalize on building a perception of MDP as mere activists and thugs good for nothing!


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2 responses to “What Next for DRP?

  1. Anonymous

    April 4, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    a Maldivian yet to be born to save Maldives from greedy politicians existing on its soil.

  2. dhivesseh

    March 27, 2009 at 9:24 am

    I don’t think DRP has what it takes to be a responsible opposition. They look like they are out for revenge for what they beleive has been taken off what is rightfully there’s!!!The only responsible opposition we can hope to see is if Ibra and Kutti leave their ego’s and get together to bail out the poor people of Maldives.

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