Police Lies…

01 Dec

One of the emerging new realities of the New Maldives seem to point to the Maldives Police as having a culture of propagating lies against ordinary citizens. They seem to have inculcated the “lie-culture” for the protection of the government they serve.

Jazeera Online reports that Fahala Saeed a reporter of Minivan Daily (who was arrested by Police allegedly with drugs on his body) was convicted and jailed possession of drugs. That was in October 2006. More than two years from then it has been found that the allegation was a lie. Saeed is now a free man after scrutiny by the High Court.

The Human Rights Commission who visited the tourism employees who were on strike in the upmarket island resort of One and Only Reethi Rah reported on Sunday:

“The police in riot gear had confronted them in order to remove the 13 dismissed staff from the island, while they were striking as a means of peaceful protest. Police used spray that irritates eyes and batons,” a statement reads.

Police also sent out a statement on Sunday denying any use of weapons or any injury caused. “Police did not use batons, pepper spray or tear gas. Police did not carry teargas to the island,” it reads.

So the Police lied again. A culture of systemic lying!

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  1. Simon

    December 1, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    How do we know that the HRCM report is not lying?

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