When should one seek justice and when not!

02 Oct

A day after Maumoon said that he will take those who have alleged he is not a Sunni Muslim to court, the Presidential Spokesperson and Maumoon’s party colleague Mohamed Shareef has alleged that Hassan Saeed’s campaign is funded by a Jewish billionnaire. Maumoon was furious when he spoke about it, for he was being falsely alleged of what he was not.

I think that the Presidential Spokesperson should take Hassan Saeed to court and prove his allegation.

Read Miadhu report here


One response to “When should one seek justice and when not!

  1. Anonymous

    October 2, 2008 at 5:45 pm

    Justice does not refer to relational situation of harmony and equilibrium existing between one person to another or between the society and the state, but far more profoundly and fundamentally so it refers in a primary way to the harmonious and rightly balanced relationship existing between the man and and his self, and in a secondary way only to such as exists between him and another or others.As justice and injustice begins and ends with the SELF lets ask ourselves how far have we being justice to ourselves?

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