Thihandhaan Remix: the first show this Ramazan

07 Sep

I just finished watching “Thihandhaan Remix” on TVM. The show was one of the most pleasant moments to me – every second of it, in the recent past. It was one of the few instances when I had good reason to feel happy as a Maldivian. It was beautiful, it was pleasant, it was soothing, it was more than just a show. It brought happiness and delight beyond everyday moments.

TVM has made numerous strides in infortainment and entertainment in the recent past. The show tonight dignified the local artists and local talent. The opening song of the show was in a class by itself. All the singers and the songs were a worthy heritage to our culture. I would reckon that it will be worth your while to buy an audio of the show from Charlie music shop.

I am sure that the success and the mega achievement has been years in the making. There would have been days and nights of hard work, energy and effort behind that show which was such a great event.

Thanks to Mohamed Asif (the Executive Producer of the show) and all the TVM brains and hands behind the event! Congratulations!

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One response to “Thihandhaan Remix: the first show this Ramazan

  1. saeed

    September 7, 2008 at 10:52 am

    Yes I agree with you and share your thoughts about that programme. But Shihab, did you see a programme called ‘Music Yard’ presented by famous and well known artist Munko the night before? I can understand someone using a foreign word or two when speeking in Dhivehi, but he was using English phrases and sentences presenting the programme in Dhivehi. Or maybe he was using Dhivehi phrases and sentences presenting the programme in Dhivehi, I could not be sure. I felt so depressed. But then this is the era of Democracy and freedom of expression……

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