Layman Psychology: Our Frustration is a Self-Induced Condition

07 Jul

We oftentimes have this feeling of frustration. We also see people who are frustrated, especially during these times of hardship. Some are so frustrated that they cannot stop to listen to anyone. This evening I came across one. The idea of writing this post struck me because I had the opportunity to also discuss performance measures with professional colleagues.

Today, more than ever, we have become living beings that are in a state of fast-track constant communication with ourselves, our immediate environment including the people within as well as those other human factors that influence our environment. We are beings dependent on others and burdened by our interdependence on others – family, friends, colleagues and members of our community including strangers.

In this state of existence, we do things that we feel we are obliged to do for others. This can be in a family situation, a working relationship, or as a part of the community or the larger community – the nation. The things that we do can be simple things like running an errand or as complicated as fighting for the rights of others. It can also be something as time consuming as helping a person to learn a new skill or achieve a major life obejctive.

Oftentimes, the person who is doing the “good” (though unknowingly) feel that they are doing something for which they have no direct benefits; but actions and hard work through which others are to gain more than the person who goes through all the trouble and the hard work. At the end of a prolonged time span of effort, one starts to feel that s/he has to get something back for the good that was done.

That is when we see people asking for kickbacks or paybacks. That happens within families, in places of work, in communities and at the national level.

This attitude and mentality is, however, a thing of the past. It is not civilized human behavior anymore, to demand gratitude. It was an element of the psychology of slavery. Humans are independent beings today. Independent from fears that held them back.

Maldivians are at the threshold of a new dawn that will take the people to that next level – of complete Indepdence. I hope that we will come to realize that no one should ask for kickbacks; nor do we owe anyone any!

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