People's Role and Participation in National Development

02 Jul

Thursday evening I stole away some time from an unusually back to back schedule to appear as a guest on Musthafa Hussain’s show “Alhugandu Dhekeygothugai…” (I think ) on TV Maldives. I was a guest at the show with Mota Hassan Manik, who has retired after 65 years of service to the government which he began way back in the Security Force (Sifain). The show is scheduled to air on TVM this Saturday after the English News at nine o’clock.

I am not quite sure whether I was able to clearly express my thoughts on the subject during the program. I have a problem with being understood when I talk. My mother tells me often that I need to learn to speak clearly. Anyway, I would definitely look forward to feedback and comments to my thoughts.

We were also shown clips of points of view expressed by the public on the same subject. What I observed in what people had to say was, whether development is a role of the people or the government. A wholesome ownership and responsibility has now become an issue for the general public, it seems from the clips.

The point of opinion, I tried to express in my own way is to focus on the fact that we have new challenges to be addressed in the current times. We had previously had the wholehearted participation of people in developmental activities. But there are challenges to that practise today. What I believe is that the process of people participation in development need to be institutionalized in a manner that is appropriate to the challenges faced by the people today.

In the last two decades we have focused so much on investment in the material resources that we perceived to contribute to development, namely the fisheries and tourism related resources. In the process we failed to take note of the most miraculous resource available to man for development – the human mind. I believe the challenge for us is to create and develop the minds of our young people.

It is our attitude of mind (as pointed out by Alfred Tack) that will determine the altitude of our life.

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One response to “People's Role and Participation in National Development

  1. shahuru

    July 3, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    Recently, People’s Majlis member, Riko Moosa Manik, targeted this question to the minister of gender..”Why is that the Maldivian ladies ‘in atolls’ are expected and made responsible to clean their islands whilst Male’ is cleaned by paid employees?”One may want think through this scenario for every other aspects of ‘people’s role and participation in national development’.

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