How to Give Constructive Criticism!

16 Jun

Herein are 7 keys to giving constructive criticism:

  1. Consider and care for a person’s feelings before endeavoring to criticize them.
  2. Acknowledge a person’s strengths and accomplishments before plunging into recognizing their weaknesses. Build them up as a person first before pointing out flaws and dangers.
  3. Commit to the person and their organization over the long term as they endeavor to improve and make necessary adjustments.
  4. Speak from the heart truthfully and graciously realizing that we all are continually growing and evolving personally and professionally.
  5. Allow the person whom you are correcting and providing constructive criticism to ask you any questions and comment upon that which you are saying.
  6. Refuse to get into an argument. Just state that which you see, feel, hear, and know.
  7. Thank the person for listening and honor them as a person and professional for doing so.

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