Congratulations to the Maldivian Footballers

15 Jun

The Maldivian Football team made the nation proud (for the first time in its history) by winning the SAFF Championship 2008. The winning goal and the only goal of the match was scored by Mukhthar Naseer. Congratulations to the team and the scorer.

The next level for football would be for us to see our young go international and make the business of football, one that will not only make the nation proud but a source of inspiration and big bucks for young people!

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One response to “Congratulations to the Maldivian Footballers

  1. Anonymous

    June 16, 2008 at 5:50 am

    I wish you hadn’t said they have made us proud for the first time.They’ve had their moments,but in general,we’ve been proud of their achievements[there is a bit of patriotism alive in all our hearts!].But you are right in that we have never experienced a footballing achivement of this magnitude before.And we’ve never seen nation camaraderie&celebration on this scale.I pray that our new found unity lasts longer than our celebrations.But for now let us join hands&party the way only Maldivians can.YAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO-WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!-From a homesick daughter of the Maldive Isles-

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