Teacher abuse children, seeks compensation and reinstatement!

30 May

Maidhu Daily Online: 30 May 2008

A former Ghiyasuddhin school teacher sacked on suspicion of sexual abuse of 12 students has filed a law suit against Education Ministry seeking compensations and reinstatement. Daud Hussain of Shaviyani atoll Milandhoo ex Ghiyasuddhin School teacher who was sacked on suspicion of sexually abusing 12 students is suing the Education Ministry for denial of his rights, and for due compensations Attorney General’s Office say.

Attorney General’s office says that Daud is claiming that he was sacked in violation of government procedures and is suing Education Ministry for compensation as well as reinstatement. Attorney General’s office informed that the first hearing of the case was held yesterday at Civil Court and that at the request of Daud the Judge had granted a seven day period to prepare for the second hearing.

According to Education Ministry Daud was sacked because he was found to have sexually abused 12 students between the ages of 9 to 10. Ministry said that matter can be proven by the statements of school principal, counselors as well from the evidence given by the 12 students. Ministry also informed that Daud carried out his acts in 2004 and was eventually sacked in 2007.

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One response to “Teacher abuse children, seeks compensation and reinstatement!

  1. Anonymous

    May 30, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    I wonder why the Education Ministry did not take the matter to court. Was it because they were not sure of the abuse? or Was it because therefore someone influential who wanted this guy to go free?

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