National Security Committee: The Giant finally off the Slumber!

07 Apr

The government, having failed to contain the street violence and the hate “killings” have finally made a decision to bring in the national defence force (the military) to bring a false temporary calm to the streets of Male’. This is a tactic that has been used before. But once the violence seemingly subsides, the matter is forgotten. The Sultan Park Bombing brought the military onto the streets of the capital almost immediately. But it took fatal blows to many and over 70 cases to be filed with the Attorney General for prosecution, by the Maldives Police Service, in three months; and 80 guys in police custody related to street violence, and a few dead young people – for the slumber giant “The National Security Committee” to wipe their eyes and hold a meeting.

It is also interesting to learn that the army has a mandate to reinforce the police in special circumstances … or criminal action”, only now after such mayhem and blood baths on the streets and in public places and homes. The generals don’t ask why when the government asks them to do something; if one is to believe what Haveeru has reported in its breaking news. I wonder whether that is the same way they operate even if the government will not ask them to do anything – let this nation suffocate itself!

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