Hell in Paradise: Ten Year Old stabbed!

20 Mar

Aafathis News 20 March 2008: Aafathis has reported in its daily edition today, that a ten year old has been stabbed with a knife and is being treated at ADK Hospital for injuries to his hand. The boy was a bystander when a group believed to belong to popular gang arrived on motorbikes and started screaming and shouting, in the terriroty of another neighborhood gang in Male’. After a while the guys on the bikes attacked the child and fled away. The incident is said to have occured around 7.30 in the evening.

Complete loss of law and order and the safety of the residents including women and children, have gone largely unnoticed by the political leadership, parliament, the cabinet, and national security service called MNDF. The Maldiven National Defence Force is the apex security service in the country who are trained and qualified to attend to such ourbreaks of terrorism and mandated by the constitution of the country to safeguard the nation.

All of them seem to be waiting for a miracle from God! Who cares!

The Maldives once thought to be a paradise in the Sunny Side of Life is now a fascinating killing field, where even children will not be spared.

Note: Aafthis news item is not posted on their online edition.

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