Justice Delayed for Child Abuse Victims!

13 Nov

Minivan News highlights once again the fate of child abuse victims, and the lack of commitment of the government agencies involved to protect children from sexual abuse.

An Imam accused of serial child abuse remains free on his home island, six months after police promised to investigate.

Family attempts to bring the case to the attention of authorities in Malé have met with silence, fuelling growing sentiment on Baa Atoll Goidhoo that the Government is turning a blind eye to child abuse on the island.

The alleged perpetrator, Ali Rasheed, Imam and relative of the island chief, is accused of molesting at least three adolescent girls over the course of almost ten years during Koran recitation classes.

Rasheed was arrested by the police on 25 May, after he was assaulted by a group of islanders threatening vigilante justice. In a move criticised by the Gender Ministry, Rasheed was allowed to return to Goidhoo in June. He has resided on the island since, despite the anxiety caused to the alleged victims and their mothers.

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One response to “Justice Delayed for Child Abuse Victims!

  1. moyameehaa

    November 13, 2007 at 9:30 pm

    what to do.the same story repeats. people have to do something when the government does not do anything.i think the islanders must cooperate more with the families of the victims and FORCE the government to punish him.thats how our government works.

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