Islam: the religion of the Maldives

03 Nov

A consultant from Malaysia, who has also advised in the drawing up of the new constitution of Afghanistan, is now in the Maldive to consult and to report on his findings and recommendations in the making of the new constitution for Maldives. He will add a religous flavor to the recommendations by the Canadian professor who has allegedly drafted most of the draft that is being deliberated on the Special Majlis floor now.

Professor Dr. Mohamed Hashim Kamali has reportedly said that the draft that has been prepared for debate by the Majlis has nothing that contradicts with Islam. He is also reported to have urged members of the Special Majlis to allow the more than 62000 expatriates in the country to practise their faith in public.

However, there is strong opposition from all the political parties to a move that would allow the public practise of other faiths in the Maldives. The Maldivian Constitution is reported to recognize other faiths, but falls short of allowing even people from other nationalities to practise their faith publicly while in Malives.

Religion is used as a tool for gathering public support in the Maldives, by all political parties. Al-Jazeera broadcast an exclusive program on Maldives, on November 1st 2007.

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