Maldives Terrorism: Is it our Faith or the Oppression and Poverty!

09 Oct

My comment to M’s post “Terrorists without Borders“:

Radical are produced by oppression, not a particular religion. Look at LTTE, IRA, ETA & Basque separatists and others.

Maldivians have been an oppressed people, the majority of whom live in absolute poverty. Oppression, coupled with poverty and functional illiteracy breed terrorists. This issue has been left to the public to solve for themselves, by the government. In the absence of a government that took responsibility for “public good in society”, the emergence of social mechanisms that “took care of their own” was a natural outcome. Hence, the formation of gangs, and religous and political groups; some of which have resorted to extremist measures for their survival.

Are we going to do anything about it? The parliament and the organs which make decisions for the people are hijacked or “bought over” by those who control economic means. They continue to introduce measures that ensure their control of the economy and the rest of the people. The educated elite are inducted into the elitist groups through “favourable measures” which include high-paying jobs, constant travel abroad and luxurious perks that ensure compliance to the traditions.

Are we going to let loose the restrictions on distribution of wealth, in the richest nation in South Asia? I don’t think that the the “landlords” will allow it!

Despite the emotional outcry, I would think that it is rational judgement and engagement that would pave the way forward for the dreams of those who are left out of the bare necessities of life, in the richest nation in Asia.

Once upon a time, there was a country called Rhodesia! You may also find this article an interesting read, especially towards the end; relates well to the Maldivian dilema to the open mind, without prejudice, as an intellectual read!

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One response to “Maldives Terrorism: Is it our Faith or the Oppression and Poverty!

  1. Anonymous

    October 9, 2007 at 11:37 pm

    You sometimes make me crackle. You say you are the servant and always be the servant. You , yourself chose to be repressed my friend. I am not and i believe most of todays generation don’t want to. Distribution of wealth has nothing to do this. Your justification is without any merit.

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