Two arrested in Maduvvari for sexual assault on child

05 Oct

Police have arrested two people in Raa atoll Maduvvaree on charges of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old child, Ungoofaaru Police Station has said.

A Police Officer from the Raa atoll Ungoofaaru Police Station said on Wednesday that they were currently investigating the case and details could not be given about the case at the moment.

According to a close friend of the victim’s family the assault had taken place Tuesday night while the child had been sleeping.

“They had planned the attack after spying on the child for a long time,” the family friend said. “They waited until the father had left for the Health Centre to go see his wife who had given birth. I doubt that they were trying to molest or have a sexual relationship with the child; the purpose of the attack seemed to be to hurt the child.”

A doctor that had examined the victim said that the child had suffered severe injuries to the sexual organs due to the attack and that the victim’s family had immediately reported the attack to the Island Office.

Abdul Hameed, the Island Chief of Maduvvari, said that he did not want to make any comments or reveal any information about the case to the media.

“If I give information to the media, the situation in the island could become unstable,” he said. “We don’t want to divulge any information to the media.”

Source: Haveeru


Here we see a disturbing picture of the island chief trying to hide the facts just to “stabilise the situation in the island.” This is one vital thing we cannot accept and are fighting for. Let the people hear what has happend! Open up the facts! Hiding the facts and trying to keep the people “calm” is the traditional trick the government has been so far playing. Let’s put our words together and help the child save his/her DAMN LIFE. 


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3 responses to “Two arrested in Maduvvari for sexual assault on child

  1. Anonymous

    December 28, 2007 at 2:06 pm

    why is it that, this society has a tendency to point the finger at the victim and not at the perpetrator??? why can’t people just point all of their fingers at those perpetrators and taunt and haress them for their actions and make them wish they were never born??? :S

  2. david santos

    October 9, 2007 at 2:03 am

    Wanted: search for this man photographed sexually abusing childrenINTERPOL is seeking the help of the public to try to identify this man, photographed sexually abusing children in a series of images posted on the Internet.The photos shown here are from a series of around 200 pictures involving 12 different young boys, believed to have been taken in Vietnam and Cambodia in 2002 or 2003.These pictures have been produced by specialists from Germany’s federal police force, the Bundeskriminalamt, working from originals found on the Internet, which had been digitally altered to disguise the man’s face.Extensive police efforts worldwide to identify the man have so far failed and Interpol is now enlisting the support of the media and the public to help identify him as a priority.Anyone with information on his identity or whereabouts should contact their local police or INTERPOL’s Trafficking in Human Beings Unit via email.

  3. Shihab

    October 5, 2007 at 2:56 pm

    The attitude of island chief’s has always been protective of what they felt was the “good image of the island”. In addition, chld abuse awareness is still at the stage in our communities, whereby it brings shame to the victims. There is nothing to be ashamed when abused. The abuser has to be made to face the shame and guilt. But they get away with it. Look at the Villingili Beach Rape case. The girl was victimized by the media and the police, for being raped. So what can we expect of island chiefs in far flung islands?

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