Blast from the Past: Prison in Paradise!

05 Oct

I live in the Maldives …the Sunny Side of life! Until the recent events of September 2003 when the democratic forces and the reformists gained popular support in the country against the alleged dictatorship elected to office with an overwhelming majority of the people, many stories have passed through the grapevine on how the jail system was. Since, the National Security Service Minister has been replaced along with the all powerful DG of the Ministry of Defence who had powers over the Prisons Department – whatever it was called.

With the democratic forces rushing their way to freedom and beyond, little has changed for ordinary folks like me. However, rumours are that things have improved much at the prisons and they even have a five-star gym facility there. The good guys cant afford a square meal a day! And sleep in pathetic conditions.

The decmocratic forces and their opposition in the goverment seem to be at task improving the conditions of Themselves and “the Bad and the Ugly”. The ordinary folk and the good and the innocent simply have become forgotten.

Paradise have come pray to the Forces of Evil! And the beauty in democracy is that you have freedom of thought if you are not in a democratic country! Thank you MSN.

October 3, 2005

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One response to “Blast from the Past: Prison in Paradise!

  1. shahuru

    October 6, 2007 at 11:05 am

    Are we becoming a country for the criminals and wealthy ?Time will tell what we turn into.. it just doesn’t look rosy yet?

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