Minivan news stands out in its coverage of the 9/29 Explosion

03 Oct

As the investigation of the Sultan Park Explosion of September 29th turns into its fifth day, the local media reporting seems to be partitioned and lacking in the capacity to do justice to the full spectrum of issues related to the incident. Most of the media outlets have focused on the single component of reporting the “investigation” itself.

However, credit has to be given to for addressing the full spectrum of “the explosion” though comprehensive and limited in scope. As usual, the rest of the media is seen to be more on the superficial level of journalism. In depth coverage and informed analysis has been lacking completely. However, Minivan news seems to stand out in the quality of its coverage of the Sultan Park Explosion.

A good example of the reasoning for this sense in me can be found in this article. It gives the much needed assurance to the traveller to the Maldives, unlike the more amateur public relations stints like this one.

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One response to “Minivan news stands out in its coverage of the 9/29 Explosion

  1. shahuru

    October 6, 2007 at 10:25 am

    I wonder if one type of violence will just happen to be dormant forever while every other type fosters to benefit those like to take advantage of it.Minivan and all others need to denounce all types of violence for us to find way out of this destructive path.

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