Old Minds & Lazy Ways in Modern & Competitive Times!

17 Sep

A post on the blog Mr Maldives regarding the ferry services from Villingili – a satellite island eight minutes from the capital Male’, highlights the plight of commuters to Male’ from Villingili in the morning.

[…] hundreds people was stuck at vilimale terminal because of inadequate ferry to fill the demand. Lots of School children and people going to office was late due to this. MTCC takes no responsibility for those that were late and even thought MTCC had given an early report from TVM that services this year ramazan will be better than previous years. The queing problem arose due to the fact that govt change the timing for school children and office goers to attend at the same time, ie:9 o’clock sharp.

I feel that there are more practical solutions to the issue other than having sixty ferry trips from Villingili which will be only possible with a minimum of twenty ferry boats with a capacity of 100 – 150 pax.

The problems associated with commuting to schools and work during Ramadan need to be addressed on a wider social perspective, I feel. Unlike during the other months, Ramadan is a month when the schools, the public sector and corporate sector all start work at nine o’clock in the morning.

Imagine, if the schools started at eight o’clock, the corporate sector at eight thirty and the public sector started the work day at nine o’clock. This way the commuter management system would not be affected any more adversely than during the other months.

In my view, the cause of this and many other chaotic issues that result in low productivity during Ramadan is a result of the psyche that we have developed over the years. We have been conditioned to believe that Ramadan is a month in which people should sleep over the morning. This is incompatible with the time that we live in.

I don’t see any reasoning on the basis of Islam that require us to have excessive entertainment into midnight and the early hours of the next morning. Ramadan does not require us to engage in late night tv and radio shows and keep awake until early hours of the morning for the things that we do right now.

Imagine, if people went to bed early after tharaavees and woke up for “haaru” and then took a nap after early morning prayers, then went off to work or school. Or some other schedue which would ensure people wouldn’t need to take two hours off before starting the day.

I had the privilege of being in a Muslim country which had a multicultural soceity, during my teacher training years. I remember during our teaching practise that the school started just under an hour after sun rise and we had to be in school till almost sunset. Though the country was majority Muslim they did not “take the month off”.

The problems that we are facing can be attributed to a lack of social engineering in our country. We have failed to plan for creating a competitive society compatible with the times. It is not late still, yet we need a will to do what is necessary.

The lazy nation needs to wake! How would that be possible?

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