Sidelined Young Minds of the Maldives!

07 Sep

This evening I was with a group of friends, and I said that the single most important thing for uplifting the quality of life of Maldivians were the issues of housing and employment.

I cannot imagine what happens when my younger in-laws and my son who are finishing school and college right now, will find a job. A job that can given them work and also ability to live on this two square kilometer island with a decent shelter to board in.

I cannot imagine how when my children are grown up and when my wife and I not able to work and earn enough for our living costs, we will manage to live. I guess by then we would be directed to mass suicide clinics where you can end the miserable life. There would be no place live and no way to live.

These are probably the reasons why I feel that housing and employment should be the top priorities of the government of the day. However, I was told by a younger and more educated mind amongst us that the most criticial priority for the Maldives was that of transport and communication infrastructure.

That does ring a bell, right! But then, it is the reason that seem to hold us back: the cost of that infrastructure to support the two hundred odd island nation scattered over 450 kilometers.

I cannot help wondering why all this nation loving Honorable Citizens of our country cannot think of a more practical efficient strategic vision for the future of our country. They are bogged down with who should rule this country and things that are as irrelevant as whether we should have a Prime Minister or a President to head the government.

Real issues and real lives are forgotten, as are the brilliant minds who can build a bright and properous future for our nation! They spend their time in coffee shops and beyond the reach of the egocentric politicians, some of who believe they paid for the prestige and the privilege of the seats they occupy.

The development of our country around five municipalities with local governance capabilities would allow the kind of transport and communication infrastructure suggested by the young man, within our reach and be feasible and practical.

This Special Majlis which Haveeru reported has cost us a 100 million Rufiyaa will not have the creative synergy of the young minds that are so loving of this nation, ever. They are only hungry for the power and the money that this country has to offer them.

How can we change that?


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4 responses to “Sidelined Young Minds of the Maldives!

  1. Ameer

    September 7, 2007 at 6:45 pm

    I agree with Anonymous. We need to go from top to bottom. Not the other way.If we just worry about our children, it wont help. We need to worry about the whole society, the whole country.As Shahuru said, we are doing a bit. We need to do more.

  2. Anonymous

    September 7, 2007 at 4:13 pm

    I think we have more people to comment on ways to govern, but if we place efforts to bring out what really could be done for development, i think would be great.Worrying about your kids and family wouldn’t help.

  3. shahuru

    September 7, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    Shihab, we are changing a bit of it, we – you and me – are changing. We need to do more – young minds can start writing like you do – that’s one thing. You are slowly changing my thinking. I perhaps do change a bit of you.The only way young mind should serve is stop – getting served at coffee shops. Everyone has to do something. If few thousand do write what you write – it will change.Young has to accept they too want get served at the moment – instead start serving you will find the country changing. Old has old minds; and are selfish, sure. Young has young minds; are waiting.Do something, at least blog !!

  4. Simon

    September 7, 2007 at 9:54 am

    Very true..and we’re completely stumped by the last question. How can we change everything?I think the problem lies in the very fabric of our society…what it means to be Maldivian…and who a Maldivian really is. You see, the way I see it, we don’t love our country enough in the sense we don’t love ourselves as a community with a unique identity…we are all on our own – each fending for themselves. And who can blame us?I see this as a mental deficiency that we have. When we say we are a peace loving people we are also creating this mental image of a submissive people. It is OK for us to suffer as long as we get something, anything to eat and beg and borrow our way into paying bills. Somehow we’ve got the wrong kind of compassion – it is juvenile and weak. This is not love for our nation or it’s people. When someone fights for their rights we sideline him / her and fail to see that the effort of one person – even fighting for personal rights – goes a long way in transforming and molding our society – should they come out triumphant. But we’re too selfish to see it that way.

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