A seven year old boy in ICU: condition is not so serious!

01 Sep

Haveeru Online has reported that a seven year old boy has been admitted to the ICU due to severe head injuries caused by an accident with a motorcyle while crossing the link road in Addu Atoll, near Hankede. A hospital official is reported to have said the boy in ICU with head injuries and a fracture to the right hand “is not so serious”. [Sick attitude! Typical of doctors here!]

The motorcycle was driven by a policeman. He is also reported to have been admitted to hospital for an injury to the head and treated for bruises, and later released.

The actual incident has not been clear from the report, which said that three children had crossed the bridge at Hankede and the motorcycle hit the child after going out of control. The report did not initially say how many accidents so far this year on the link road nor the number of children who had been hospitalized this year due to fatal accidents on the link road.

Fatally injured: Ibrahim Sajid, Chichandaage, Maradhoo, 7 years

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