Why We are What We are

05 Mar

I was faced with a situation
I called the logistics officer of the concerned organization
He did not want to take any responsibility
He asked me to call his bosses and seek a decision
I had requested from him for decision on a matter
He did not want to make a decision or consult with his bosses
Then my colleague had to take a decision
He also called me asked me what to do
Now I had to make a decision and I said
Let it be … Let them call if they need it
What is happening? Responsible people want to avoid
Because when you make a decision there’s always this person
He will make sure that you are humiliated to the world
That you will not dare to make a decision on your own
Or even risk having to initiate … this way any
Who wants something will call him and HE will make the decision
And it will be the right decision … it will be right as always
You see … that is the beauty of having a bully in your midst
People are afraid to make decisions … they will not dare even think
How wonderdful … Cheers and Have a great time!
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