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The Art of being Pleasant

The need to train our young people in the art of pleasantness struck me the other day when I had reason to visit the infamous IGMH – Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Male’.

I went to the hospital to make an appointment for endoscopy. We had to have two laboratory examinations on the same day, so we did the first one and went to get the endoscopy appointment later. When I went to make the appointment I told the staff at the desk, that I would like to have the endoscopy done at the earliest as the doctor had asked to do it this week.

She told me that the appointment can be done only after ten days as the appointments were full. I requested from her to speak to a senior person as it was necessary that the endoscopy is done this week. She then called another young person hanging around, and this person came and asked what it was. The staff at the desk told that I was requesting for the endoscopy to be done urgently.

The senior person took the doctor’s examination request and took a look at it and said that the doctor had not written urgent on it, and that he would have if there was any need. I couldn’t believe my ears. She was talking to the piece of paper she was holding in her hand, and this was supposed to be a place of caring.

I realized that I was at the mercy of this SENIOR person who did not have the interest no the capacity to even listen to someone in need. So, I humbly sat and asked the person at the desk to do the appointment for the date that was possible.

When it was done and I was to leave, I told the staff at the appointment desk that everyone may not make up stories and lie. I left.

I thought, how nice it would have been if there was someone who was capable of listening to those in need and even when something cannot be done is able to communicate the same with an ounce of respect.

We have a long way to go, IGMH.

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New CEO at Male’ Health Services Corporation

Haveeru has revealed that the Managing Director Male’ Health Services Corporation (MHSC) has been replaced by British national Catherine Jane Waters. Presidential Spokesperson Mohamed Zuhairu is reported to have said that the appointment was to improve the services of the hospitals and health centers under the corporation. And to design and foster the services through an experienced health professional who has experience in the sector in a developed country.

Ms. Waters has been the CEO of Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) which is the biggest health care facility under MHSC, prior to her appointment as the Managing Director of MHSC.

I once made a four-page handwritten complaint to the CEO/Manager of the IGMH to inform of some very unpleasant experiences I had to undergo at the hospital a few months. I lodged my written complaint at the public relations counter and left contact details on the note.

The next morning I missed a call from a number that I did not recognize just after eight o’clock in the morning as I was on the ferry to Male’. I had planned to call back when I got to the office. By the time, I got to the office I had received a text message acknowledging my complaint, and apologizing for the experience I had to go through. I called the number and spoke with Ms. Waters. She listened to me and clarified the issues I had raised. She then explained to me the challenges that would delay action to rectify the matters I had raised, but assured me that she would look into it and take action to improve the areas of concern that were raised in my note.

Less than a week later, I bumped into a friend who is a Deputy Director at the hospital and mentioned to him about my complaint. He told me that one of the issues that I had raised has already been attended to and that he has been given instruction to do it. Those wishing to meet with a doctor at the baby nursery will have a proper meeting place and will not have to discuss issues with the doctor standing in the midst of a crowd. That is just one of the things.

From the experience I had I understand that she is efficient, has a good sense of what healthcare is, and is a right person to promptly attend to issues and take the health corporation out of the fire-fighting syndrome that it is in right now. Most importantly, it is worthy to note that she has the capacity to listen to and respond appropriately to discomfort and dissatisfaction. I believe the government made the right decision; only time will tell.

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