Supreme Court Justice: accused

21 Jul

Justice Ali Hameed of the Supreme Court here in the Maldives has been accused of sexual misconduct involving prostitutes in a hotel room in a foreign country. The Judicial Services Commission set up an inquiry and so far has not responded calls to suspend Justice Ali Hameed from the supreme court bench. Former Attorney General Husnu Suood has called for the judge to be suspended immediately. Presidential candidate Gasim Ibrahim has defended Justice Ali Hameed saying that the video is a fake. Police say that they are investigating the case.

Social media is full of links to the videos allegedly of Justice Ali Hameed in foreplay and having sex with prostitutes on the 24th of January 2013. Local medial headlined the news today without further details than that available through social media.

Political parties and parliament seem to have taken a no-fuss stand on the accusations. Several politicians and top government officials were implicated in a cyber sex scandal several months ago and nothing substantial has come of it.

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