Why the subject of so much hatred?

06 Nov

Why I am the subject of so much hatred? How can I change that?

This is a thought that occured to my mind some time during the day today. It occured to me to write about it because it passed my mind a few times today. It was something that was said to me, something that happened during the day, something that brought about a feeling that there was mistrust, suspicion and discomfort by my existence.

I was told by a dear friend, a long time back when I was going to start my job as a headmaster, that I should refrain from entertaining people who brought me stories of what was said in the staff room. He said that it was mostly someone trying to make a mark, or wanting a favor in return; that the staff room was a place where people expressed their emotions and that it was not always meant to be said to the person who it was referred to. I believed him, and I practised it all my life as a headmaster, as a schools administrator and later in my life as a servant to many.

I love to speak my mind and have done so with friends and those who find my thoughts provocative or challenging. However, I live in a society where it is a near-sin to speak one’s mind. The group think is the norm unless you have the affluence to be arrogant and distasteful.


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