Maldives Parliament

13 Jun

Parliament in Session: Maldivian Liberal Democracy

The Maldives parliament known as the People’s Majlis is the highest institution of the land.

They are empowered by the Constitution (the latest is the August Constitution) to appoint the Judicial Services Commission, the Anti Corruption Commission, the Auditor General, the Prosecutor General, Police Integrity Commission, the Broadcasting Commission, and many other institutions that would protect and rights of the people enshrined in the August Constitution. They can even sack the President who is elected by a direct vote of the people.

Their well-being and welfare is designated to their whim and wish. They have no checks on them. Because they are The People.

The Maldives parliament has been unique in its unreasonableness and its arrogance since the August Constitution and to the run up of the rushed document that gave way to the new political reality that the leaders of the day seem to enjoy so much with undreamt of luxuries and immunities brought onto themselves by themselves.

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