46th Birthday

20 May

On my 46th birthday I was celebrating the biggest ever present in my whole life time. It was an amazing experience. A wonderful feeling. I am grateful for all those who made it possible.

What I have learnt during the last 30 years is that when you attract positive energy, there is a natural tendency to attract an opposing and equal amount of negative energy as well. You may ask why 30 years. That is the number of years I have spent as “an adult” after leaving school, to get to this day.

Those 30 years comprised of one year as a headmaster trainee, two years and a half years for further education, sixteen years in the education sector as a headmaster, assistant principal, primary schools supervisor, and in administration of atoll schools, and almost eleven years in Damas Company Private Limited.

I have learnt that what I have been taught as a child and student, were not appropriate for the real world. That it is unreasonableness and the ability to manipulate for your selfish needs that pays to get ahead in life. Virtues like respect, dignity and empathy are not what is needed for life, but the exact opposite.

It is with this experience and the subsequent understanding thereof, that I seriously think that we need to revisit our curriculum, and rethink how we teach our children in the formative stages of their life to prepare them for the world they have to survive in.

I suppose you are entitled to your own opinion.

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