Maldivian Attitude to Safety

20 Aug

This afternoon I was on a speedboat to a nearby island for breaking fast. Several invitees boarded the speed launch that was taking us to our destination island. As we boarded the boat, I took a life jacket and put it on, and indicated to others that it was necessary. They said that the boat crew would distribute them to put on, when it was time to depart.

We departed and the crew did not distribute the life jackets, nor did anyone bother to take a life jacket and put it on. That is the typical attitude to safety in our midst. Our safety and security is the responsibility of the crew!

Fortunately for us, and as in 99.99% of the cases, we reached our destination without incident and same was true for our trip back to Male’. Fortunately for us, we were not in the 0.01% of the cases which resulted in a disaster.

I was most struck by the attitude!

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