One in five, one in five, are people and their welfare just another statistic to the government?

16 Apr

Are the people who elect them and empower them to run the business of the State, just a bit of statistic to the government? This is a question that I ponder myself over, on many occasions. At such instances, the government seems to me more like a donor agency – such as a UN organization or a bilateral donor government.

Just a while ago was such a moment, as I read an article in Sun stating that the Vice President has said that one in five young people are unemployed. We have also been told that one in five girls are sexually abused before they reach the age of 15, and that they are not safe in the community, in schools or at home.

The government are busy churning out the statistics and worrying about how to present them in the best possible manner, I suppose. The government seems to lack the capacity or the resources to attend to these one-in-five issues. The powers-that-be do not seem to have the time nor the energy or the commitment to attend to the issues of affordable housing, employment and compatible training – that will take the country out of the chaos and afford a decent life to its people.

The government is said to be held in its tracks by the parliament who fail to legislate for the government to have the means to deliver, and by the judiciary who are alleged of being cronies of the former dictatorship. The parliament is busy fighting amongst one another, while the judiciary have followed suit and are busy convicting one another.

The international community applauds the Maldives for its great strides in democracy and the President applauds the people for their sacrifice – patience, trust and confidence in government in the face of misery.

Am I frustrated? You bet!

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