Man arrested in Nilandhoo for sexual abuse of seven year old

28 Mar

Sun has reported that a man has been arrested in Faafu Atoll Nilandhoo for the attempted rape of a minor. The Sun reported that the man was arrested Saturday night around 9.30 pm for allegedly having sexually abused the seven year old girl.

Sun reported that a police official has revealed that the man has been sexually molesting with the child over a long period of time. He is said to be a person who frequently visits the child’s home.

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One response to “Man arrested in Nilandhoo for sexual abuse of seven year old

  1. Scheroo

    March 31, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    Hi Shihab, child abuse in Maldives is a major concern, yet action against child abuse is minimal. The bill that tried to impose harsher penalties was met with lack of support from the parliament. So we know that the parliament has failed in many ways to protect children’s rights. Is there anything the citizens of Maldives can do to pressure strict penalties on abusers? Another rally, or International media or even local media to do a report or story on real cases to awaken our society to the serious issue. Its so easy for people to forget and neglect the underlying serious problems and continuously worry about dollars or rising prices, when our children are falling into a deeper dangerous cycle of child abuse. What can we do….

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