Mother arrested for sexually abusing son

30 Jun

An eight-year-old boy who was sexually abused by his mother is being denied care by other islanders on Lhaviyani atoll Hinnavaru, because they are concerned he is too sexually experienced, an official reported.

The boy’s 40-year-old mother was arrested on Sunday, said Councillor Adam Yusuf, and neighbours believe the boy was sexually molested for over a year. “It seems that the mother was having an affair with his son,” said Adam.

Health Minister Dr Aminath Jameel raised concern over the case, saying “I wondered if the mother had a heart”.

The story first surfaced on Saturday evening, according to Adam, when the boy confided in a neighbour about the abuse. He said the case was reported to Hinnavaru police station and Lhaviyani atoll Naifaru Family and Children Service Centre on Sunday.

The boy lived with his mother and his one-month-old brother; both boys were born out of wedlock. “She lives isolated from the islanders,” said Adam of the boys’ mother. “She makes a living out of donations from islanders. Islanders are happy for arresting that cruel lady.”

Adam said the baby was in the care of his aunt, but no one was willing to accept the eight-year-old boy because “he might teach sex to other children”.

Minivan News full report here


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2 responses to “Mother arrested for sexually abusing son

  1. Ninni

    July 5, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    The worst part about child sexual abuse is its effects…the long term ones, which you cant get rid of even if you try unless you acknowledge and seek help. Among these effects is those who were abused as children turning into abusers themselves. Worst still is the case where little children who were abused practice it on others! So the probability that this woman was herself a victim of this is high, specially given with the history we know of alone. I am not in anyway condoning her act, rather I am saying this is what we will get if we cannot treat this problem in the society. Reporting is one thing, it can at the most stop the perpetrator, but the effects remain, and healing cannot take place with once in a blue moon counseling session, rather it is a long process with much consistent attending from the counselor with care givers included. And I personally do not believe harrassing her or shaming her will help her the least.

  2. Anonymous

    July 1, 2009 at 3:45 am

    WTF kill that bitch

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