Petition calls for harsher penalties for paedophiles: Minivan

10 Apr

9 April 2009
Maryam Omidi

Over 600 people have signed a petition calling for the harshest penalties available for paedophiles. But organisers of the petition have come under attack for targeting one specfic convicted paedophile as part of their campaign.

The petition, started by organisation NOOR, is part of a wider campaign to raise awareness about paedophilia and will be presented to parliament after seven days.

It calls for a raft of amendments to a child protection bill proposed by MP Ibrahim Ismail last month, including protection of the victim’s identity, counselling for victim and perpetrator, no parole for crimes under the bill and witness protection.

Another of the proposed amendments refers to the evidence required in court for child sexual abuse cases.

Under the current law, conviction is largely dependent on the perpetrator’s confession and forensic evidence alone is considered insufficient.


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