The Honorable Hypocrites: A New Stunt

08 Jan

The Honorable Hypocrites who have bestowed upon this nation only chaos and nothing else have made a new stunt today. This was in the form of “Universal Coalition Press Conference” at Fansavees this afternoon. I could not help wondering how they expect to take the people for a ride and think that we were fools, as I listened to the news conference.

They were eager to call upon the Speaker to convene an extraordinary session of parliament to enact the laws needed to hold the upcoming Parliamentary Elections before the deadline given in the Constitution of August 7, 2008.

They claimed that the Honorable Hypocrites who resolved to take their leave and leave the constitutional deadline to pass were not doing so in any Party Line or to benefit any political parties but on their own accord. The fact is that these Honorable Hypocrites dont realized they dont have a party mandate in parliament as they were not elected on a party ticket. They were elected on a mandate to represent the people, they got themselves a fat salary and ditched the people all along as they were slaves of phantom masters who controlled them – and not the people who they took a vow to serve.

I hope and pray that none of these parliamentarians who have nothing but their corrupt interests to serve will be elected to the next parliament.

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