The Parliamentary Election Confusion

09 Dec

The elections for the new People’s Majlis (Parliament) of the Maldives will be held in before February. Parties and independents vying for a seat in the new parliament has started their campaigning. Candidates of political parties who will contest the seats are expected to be announced shortly. Jumhooree Party Leader Gasim Ibrahim, who resigned from the post of the all powerful Home Minister, has announced that his party will contest all constituencies. DRP have said that they are in the process of selecting their candidates. The country’s President and MDP Leader Nasheed (Anni) has called upon party members and the nation to give a majority to the party in the upcoming parliament, so that he can deliver on the campaign promises. DRP Secretary Geneal Dr. Mausoom said that it is important that the government should be kept in check by parliament, and for this to happen the people must decide to have a difference in parliament.

The “coalition” government that came into power after the first multi-party presidential elections have left the country is a mess. People voted for MDP Leader Mohamed Nasheed to be President, but the government he formed is made up of a coalition that does not really exist for any meaningful purpose of government. There is no reason that they have to be in a “coalition”. There is nothing to be lost to the MDP Coalition (MDP and Gaumee Ithihaadh Party) by breaking away from the “Wathanee Coalition” (WC).

Now that Gasim is out of WC, and his Jumhooree Coalition is still with the government despite the government belittling him, it is likely that Jumhooree Party and Adhaalath Party will stand firm and give a fight to MDP in the parliamentary elections. DRP seems to be still in a coma from the defeat in the presidential elections and maynot be able to come back if they don’t do something about it soon.

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  1. Anonymous

    December 9, 2008 at 3:49 pm

    these bunch of so called coalition came to power with the help of a deceived slogan of “wathan edegothah”not for the sake of people of maldives, rather it was due to a strong passion of hatred and jealousy and to take revenge from maumoon has been ousted from the power therefore the purpose of WC is ultimately over. the real tug of war among these “foxes and crows” will start now.lets wait and see.

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