Parliament concerned that Teachers will Strike

30 Jun

Haveeru has reported that the Maldives Parliament consisting mainly of business tycoons, resort owners, land lords and the highest paid government staff, who add a contribution of an alleged 100,000.00 Rufiyaa a month to their wealth from parliament which is more like a part-time job for them in actual practise; have called upon the poverty stricken teachers not to participate in the strike called for July 1st by the Association for Teachers’ Link. The call came during the deliberations of a motion that was put in parliament today byHonorable MP for Dhaalu Atoll “ADK” Nashid who is also the chief promoter of the Jumhooree Party to be formed soon.

The teachers are to go on strike on the first of July to express their discontent at the “lethargy” of the Ministry of Education who have sat on a proposed revision to the salary structure of teaching professionals for a decade now. The Ministry of Education started work on the said revision after the 1996 April restructuring of government salaries which saw the beginning of the decline of teaching as a noble profession.

A motion discussed in parliament has no meaning in effect, and has the whistleblower effect at the maximum: it is lip service at the most.


One response to “Parliament concerned that Teachers will Strike

  1. Anonymous

    June 30, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    What a bunch of selfish bastards. Do excuse my French, but this is a wholesome shit! Here are my points:*The unrealistic budget was passed by the same bunch of lunatics!*There wasn’t a thought when they pushed their own pay a month ago!The finance minister is being fucked live on national media by Maumoon to discredit the bastard as a politically viable option.This is all down to one fucking maniacs power struggle. This is a bleeding election year and Maumoon is using all tactics he has at his disposal:Salary increased to buy peoples hearts.Got his clan promoted to rich posts.Got his plan into action to kill other contenders chances of election success.etc

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