MDP Party Reforms Underway!

20 Jun

New MDP Leader, Chaiperson Maria Ahmed Didi who is also MP for Male’ Atoll, has announced the names of key party officials who left the party. The announcement was made in the first National Executive Committee meeting held under her leadership. [I have been told that the NEC has not met since her election to the Chair, due to a lack of a qourum which is 8 members of the more than 40 member executive committee.]

Anni stepped down from the party leadership to run in the party primaries for a Presidential Candidate to face Maumoon Abdul Gayoon in the upcoming presidential elections of the company. He won with an overwhelming majoriy, and then went onto consolidate his position, after a stint with the infamous National Alliance. He has now called for the resignation of party president Munavvar who is said to be staying away from his responsibilities since the elections which he lost in the most dramatic manner.

It seems that the MDP will see sweeping new reforms under the new leader. Party Leader Mariya has unconditionally condemned the brutal attack on DRP cabinet member and MP Ahmed Abdulla in Kulhudhuffushi. President Munavvar has been suspended and his responsibilities have been handed over to Vice President Zaki. Secretary General Hamid who has been criticized for many things during the past will resign. It is not clear whether he was asked to resign to pave way for a complete overhaul of the party leadership.

The influence of Anni in the new leadership in which he currently has no role or function, is yet to be seen. He is seen by many to be the party. As the party candidate for the hopefully upcoming Presidential Electons of the country, he has initiated a campaing to “Listen to the People” accompanied by Vice President Zaki who served DRP Leader Gayoom for over two decades in key portfolios.

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  1. Anonymous

    June 23, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    The influence of Anni on MDP maybe the main cause for many key people to leave the party. There are rumors that Anni attacked verbally on the people who left. Someone who is keen on reform will rather do otherwise. I lost trust in him when he stated hes running for presidency after repeatedly announcing that hes not interested. A man with no integrity is not what many would want as a president. In retaliation hardcore Anni fans will bombard my comment. Even so, I believe that MDP deteriorated due to Anni.-former MDP fan-

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