Congratulations to our Football Hopefuls!

12 Jun

Maldives has completed its last leg to the finals of SAFF Championship 2008. We branded the event under the slogan “Mee aharemenge faharu” (this is our turn) to win the Championship. The support to the nation is overwhelming (on a non-partisan basis for the first time since the formation of political parties) and seems to have provided the impetus to the national team players to win and only win.

As the jubilation in Male’ came to climax, TVM had on air, the recording of today’s sitting of the Maldivian Parliament. The subject brought to the floor by the honorable MP from Male’, Ibrahim Ismail gave food for thought to the “stage actors” who were looking for a good publicity in preparation for the upcoming elections. It was a simply fantastic opportunity for them to flex their muscles, show their passion for the poeple, kick the government left and right for a fix. They proved their worth for their recent pay rise scheme to meet their meagre daily needs. (Lip service; as a friend of mine is so fond of saying.)

The football mania and the narcotics related stage acting reminded me of how unlucky our dear children are. They have no national significance to deserve the kind of attention of the aforesaid elements.

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  1. el huerfano piano

    June 13, 2008 at 4:23 am

    I know the feeling and its really hard,but with help and love we can be stronger and they did it, becuause they have been beleiving with the guide

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